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  • Adrienne Domingus

    Adrienne Domingus

    Senior Software Engineer | www.adriennedomingus.com

  • Grace Ellis

    Grace Ellis

    Marketing partner at Andreessen Horowitz (@a16z). Itadakimasu (I humbly receive)!

  • Brandon Black

    Brandon Black

    Software engineer. Expert in boost-glide weaponry, upper atmospheric military tactics and kinetic-kill offensive techniques. I also like puppies.

  • Kevin Ansfield

    Kevin Ansfield

    I'm a front-end/ember.js developer at http://ghost.org

  • Simeon Willbanks

    Simeon Willbanks

    Software Engineer

  • Adrian O'Connor

    Adrian O'Connor

    Maker of small educational apps

  • Nico Taing

    Nico Taing

    Bonjour 👋

  • Clément Delangue

    Clément Delangue

    Co-founder at 🤗 Hugging Face & Organizer at the NYC European Tech Meetup— On a journey to make AI more social!

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