My Dream Bike: Yeti SB100

I am in love. The Yeti SB100 seemed too good to be true. Climb like an XC bike, and party like a trail bike, designed and built by the best bike brand around?!? I had been dreaming about this bike for nearly a year before I decided to go for it. This is the absolute most incredible and fun bike I have ever ridden. It makes me want to ride more, pick more adventurous lines, and plan big trips. I had a chance to ride this bike in Moab for a week recently, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Many thanks to Big Swingin’ Cycles in San Francisco — a dream of a bike shop. Impeccable bike builds, precise mechanics who ride hard, and a small-town vibe that makes you want to pull up a chair and chat for a while. I feel lucky to know such a great crew to be working and tuning the new ride.

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The build:


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